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Do you really need to forfeit 4-5% fees of Event Registrations?

Over and above the about 2% transaction charges of the Payment Gateways, Your favorite Ticketing/Registration System charges another 2-3% extra on your registration fees.

Consider your average registration fees is Rs 3000 and you expect 500 online registrations through your favorite online Ticketing/Registration System. So you are sparing Rs 3000 x 500 x 2% = a mammoth Rs 30000 (assuming your system Charges only 4%, if it is 5% fees it will be Rs 45000. And if it is 750 people registering online, it would be Rs 67500). The reason why they say they charge this much is to offer DIY solutions with many reports. Do you really use all the features they offer you to suffer these exorbitant charges??

Welcome to eventgurus.net where we will help you set up your own single payment gateway for all your events whether small or big to run registrations through our system. But for a one time nominal processing charge to help you go through the formalities, your expense on registering will be just the transaction charges of the payment gateways about 2% right now.

Above all that, we offer a myriad services with personal attention even at the venue including the usual badge/certificate printing pass checkins etc along with our free multi event "Event Buddy" App for your attendees. Some of our features are industry firsts and innovations which will make your events stand apart for a nominal cost, much of which could be offset by the savings you make in Registrations by using our system.

Come enjoy the benefits of eventgurus.net.