Group Registration :IEDC Summit 2019
Dear Group Leader, Please register as Nodal Officer here, the first time you register a Student/Faculty/Nodal Officer for IEDC Summit 2019. This form just registers you as a Nodal Officer. Please note this registration doesn't register you for the event. For that you have to purchase faculty credits in this form along with the student credits. For eg. If your college has 1 Nodal Officer, 1 other faculty and 5 students coming for the event, you have to purchase 5 student credits and 2 faculty credits(1 Nodal Officer and other for the other Faculty).
Don't worry if more students/faculty decide to come for the event later. Once you deplete these credits, you can always add more credtits as you proceed.
Upto 20 group registrations are allowed. Once you register , You can login at your Group Registration Panel to manage your Group Registrations. If you make the payment now itself, you can start registering students right away as well.

Select a category above and add the number of credits you need in the box beside it. Use the green + button to add another category credits.