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Learning from the past - Preparing for the future
Themes & Topics
I. Immunosuppression in VCA – Insights and Opportunities
Topics : Lessons learned from conventional immunosuppression protocols in VCA over the past 2 decades, developing insights into novel protocols implemented in VCA patients and the impact of medication adherence in VCA outcomes.
II. Complications and Exit Strategies in VCA
Topics : Complications in face and hand VCA (reported/un-reported in the peer literature/media), immunosuppression risks (especially renal failure and PTLD), and non-immunosuppression-related complications, reported mortality in VCA and specific discussion of exit strategies in hand/face or other VCA..
III. Histopathologic Grading in VCA – Promise and Pitfalls
Topics : Strengths of BANFF grading, limitations of current biopsy protocols in evaluating deeper tissues, and gaps in Banff criteria in diagnosis/grading chronic rejection and tissue effects of humoral rejection.
IV. Chronic Rejection in Hand and Face Transplantation
Topics : Definition and histopathologic criteria for diagnosis in CR, clinical picture and controversies in diagnosis of CR, utility and limitations of high resolution ultrasound in CR.
V. Other VCA – Good, Bad, Ugly
Topics : Uterine, penile, lower extremity, complex concomitant transplants
VI. Organ Donation and Procurement in VCA
Topics : Opportunities and challenges in VCA donation and expanding the scope of the field in India, procurement and preservation strategies for improved outcomes.
VII. Immunomodulation and Immunomonitoring in VCA – Knowns and Unknowns
Topics : Opportunities and limitations of novel immunomodulation and Immunomonitoring protocols, biomarkers and other surrogates of acute or chronic rejection, where are we with attempts at tolerance in VCA.

Special Breakout Sessions

VIII. Bioethical Dilemmas and Challenges in VCA (will be expanded from Salzburg Symposium)
IX. Psychosocial Aspects in VCA – Importance of Patient and Caregiver Roles in Outcomes
X. Prosthetics versus VCA (Hand or Face) – Comparisons and Controversies
XI. ASRT Working Groups : Defining Success and Failure in Hand and Face Transplantation and Chronic Rejection : The ISVCA and ASRT working groups will present their progress.